5 Acoustic Guitar Music tracks

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Today we look at 5 acoustic guitar music tracks that can be licensed royalty free from my online store HERE.   All of these tracks were recorded professionally, and are easily faded in and out or edited to fit your next video, media, or commercial project.  All of these preview tracks contain an “audiojungle” watermark to prevent mis-use. Please license! they are inexpensive, and easy to use.


Campfire Singalong <– click the name for licensing.  The newest song in my collection, this track has catchy “ooh” vocals and a fun, bouncy feel.  Acoustic guitar and mandolin are featured…  Included with a license purchase, is a version without the “ooh” vocals.


Repair and Restoration <– click the name for licensing.  This track has a more reflective, mellow feel.  Great for thoughtful and inspirational video pieces.


Bedtime Story <– click the name for licensing.  A track for sleepy time.  Just acoustic guitar, this track was written for my wife while she battled a bit of insomnia.


Medical Practice <– click the name for licensing.  My bestseller on audiojungle.  This track works well with a variety of projects and stays out of the way.


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 5 <– click the name for licensing.  Fingerpickin’ goodness!  This finger picked track, really sounds great, and works for so many things!