Acoustic Background Music

acoustic sunshine, royalty free music

Looking for some acoustic background music for you next ad, video, or project?  I have several tracks that may work for you!  This one is called Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7, and is available for licensing, royalty free.

Listen Here:


License Here: Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7 <—  Be sure to check out the other 6 songs in this series, as well as my other tracks.  Thanks for listening!


Here is Acoustic Sunshine Bed 4 on Youtube that also be useful for your needs.

The Acoustic Sunshine series has been a successful series for me so far.  I have one more song awaiting approval, then I will write 9 and 10…  After that? who knows?  I am thinking a line of rock tunes may be in order.  By the way, did I mention that I love harmony guitar lines?  Not like cheesy 80s stuff, but lines that are played in harmony or unison in different octaves can really allow a melody to have weight.  It also brings in another voice that is maybe unique to that song.  As always, I am still loving my API 312 preamp.  It has really been giving me some great results! I do hope you can check out my music, and license it royalty free!