Top 5 Royalty Free Music tracks

Top 5 Royalty Free Music tracks

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Here are the top 5 royalty free music tracks from my portfolio in the past year.  I hope you find something useful for your next project!


Medical Practice <— Click the name to license. my best selling track.  Acoustic guitar based.  Simple and clean.  Perfect for background music needs.  Royalty Free acoustic music


Bright Awakening <— click the name to license.  Epic, corporate rock. Royalty free rock music at its finest.  Featured in an Envato bundle as well.


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 5 <— click the name to license.  Finger style, finger picked acoustic guitar track.  simple clean and cool! Royalty free acoustic music


Winning Idea <— click the name to license.  Corporate motivational royalty free music.  Acoustic guitar, strings and bells.


Repair and Restoration <— click the name to license. Mellow and acoustic.  light airy electric guitars give a hopeful feeling.

Custom Music available.  Contact me for competitive pricing!


10 Qualities of a Sideman

10 Qualities that make a Great Sideman

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Recently, I posed this question to all of my local working musicians.  “What makes a great sideman?”  A Sideman is a term used to to describe a musician that is often “for hire” and comes into an existing situation or band to fill a role.  These hired guns get a wide variety of work from wedding bands, sessions, original bands, and cover bands to lessons, and sometimes (most of the time) all of the above.

The musicians I know from my area are talented, vary widely, and usually stay busy.  We are quite fortunate to have this level of talent in a town that isn’t considered a ‘music town’.

So here they are:

1. Punctuality.  As defined by the band leader.  Self explanatory.  Be on time!

2. Be prepared.   Given the situation, are you ready?  Can you cover other people’s parts if you need to? Does your gear work? Do you have backups? Learn to set up and tear down your rig as quickly as possible.  5min or less for guitar and bass, drums take a little longer.  Help others if you can.  Learn to troubleshoot your own rig if something isn’t working correctly.   I carry a spares bag that contains instrument cables, patch cables, a few tools, and a spare amp (Crate PowerBlock) that can (and has) saved many gigs the past 7 years that I have had it.  The amp has been used on guitar, bass, and to power monitors.

3. Keep Personal issues Personal.  When you are on a gig, keep the crybaby stuff quiet unless you are asked about it directly.  Everyone is sorry your dog is sick, and your roof is leaking.  Everyone has problems.  This is even more true when you are on the road.

4. Presentation.  Have the right sound at the right time with the right look and vibe for the gig.  Learn to play with feel.  If you don’t know what that is, then listen to more great music. Play with passion.

5. The SONG is king. Always.  You are making music together.  Maybe the right answer is to not play anything, or play one note, or maybe (rarely) shred your face off.

6. Hold musical ideas loosely.  Be able to take criticism.  Playing in a band is a team sport.

7. Be pleasant. Always.  Be kind to sound crew and venue people.  This can be difficult sometimes, especially if the sound crew is incompetent or extremely arrogant.

8. Know when NOT to play.  and be OK about it.

9. Play the gig and don’t complain.  You are making music after all…

10. Diversify.  Learn another instrument or 3.  You will get more work, and it makes life more fun and interesting.


So there you have it.  From the mouths and heads of some of the most talented people I know.  Thanks to everyone for your contributions.  Some of these points don’t apply if you are creating a new original project.  Personalities and quirks go hand in hand with great writing teams and great creative music.

Cheers!  Keep your calendars full, and create!

4 Epic Royalty Free Rock tracks

4 Epic Royalty Free Rock tracks

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These tracks are sure to fill a wide variety of needs.  Uptempo, stadium style rock written and recorded professionally with an ear for sound. All of these tracks can be licensed Royalty Free rock tracks by clicking the name of the track.  Licensing is easy through the envato network’s licensing agreement and payment system.  Download a preview to see if it fits your project!


Bright Awakening <— A best seller, epic anthemic rock.  Click the name to license.


Sunny Morning Rock <— more relaxed, melodic sounding rock track that would work great under a story piece.


Big City Business <— Clean guitars and a piano melody drive this track….  Builds nicely.


Own the World <— Crunchy and fun, Big guitars and a consistent beat.



5 NEW royalty free Corporate Music tracks

5 royalty Free Corporate Music tracks

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These 5 tracks are light, airy and just feel right.  They have a wide variety of uses in the advertising and new media worlds, and will work great under product videos, corporate training videos, or commercials and advertisements that drive a product.  Feel good songs, recorded clean and clear!

Licensing is fast and easy on and allows a preview file download.  License by clicking the name of the track below!


Winning Idea <—  My newest track, light airy and melodic with a nice build.  Click the name for licensing options!


Own the World <—  Corporate Rock at its finest.   Motivating and strong.


Success and Victory <— Uptempo, epic rock, with a bell part and strings that drive the groove.  Click the name for licensing options.


Campfire Singalong <— Folksy, with “ohh” vocals.  This track is in line with current trends in advertising.   A version without the “ooh” vocals is also INCLUDED!!


Clever Design <—  This track has more “tech” feel and would work great under a product description video. click the name to license!



Bright Ukulele Joy < Ukelele music at it’s finest.  This track is a feel good summer song!  click the name for licensing!


5 more Acoustic Guitar Music Tracks

5 MORE! acoustic guitar music tracks

royalty free music, royalty free acoustic music, stock music, acoustic background music


Today we look at 5 acoustic guitar music tracks that can be licensed royalty free from my online store HERE.   All of these tracks were recorded professionally, and are easily faded in and out or edited to fit your next video, media, or commercial project.  All of these preview tracks contain an “audiojungle” watermark to prevent mis-use. Please license! they are inexpensive, and easy to use.


Bright Warm Home <— finger style track with dobro accents.


A Warm Smile <— bouncy acoustic background music


Back Porch Pickin’ <—  banjo and acoustic guitar, fun and bouncy!


Campfire Singalong <—  Acoustic and mandolin.  In the style of  The Lumineers with Ohhh vocals (also available without)


The Morning Stillness <— Soothing and calm.  Soft acoustic background music.


All of these tracks were recorded in my home studio..  If you need custom music and like my work, please contact me via this website for a quote!

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen!  Join Audiojungle and the envato network for great deals on stock music, photos, videos, graphics and wordpress themes!




5 Royalty Free Corporate Music tracks

5 Royalty Free Corporate Music tracks | ROCK!

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These 5 royalty free corporate music tracks are sure to meet a wide variety of needs for corporate, epic rock music.  Recorded clean, and clear, with an emphasis on usable melodies and mixes, these tracks are easily licensed and easy to use.   Check out my entire portfolio HERE with tracks organized.


Bright Awakening <— click the name to license.


Own the World <— click the name to license.


Success and Victory <— click the name to license.


The Popsicle Background <— click the name to license.


Big City Business <— click the name to license.


Recorded on a Logic Pro rig with Apogee convertors, API mic pre’s, and Cascade ribbon mics.  I love Waves plugins and have really been into NI Studio Drummer as well as BFD 2.  There are so many great sounds out there, and each individual hears things a little different… My ears are also influenced by my tinnitus!  I hope these tracks work well in your quest for inexpensive tracks to license.

3 royalty free music tracks

3 Royalty Free Music tracks

new stock music, different, funky, fun


Looking for some new music for your next project??  Check out these 3 royalty free music tracks that are a bit different.  A bit “left of center”.


Dance with Me <– click the name to license.  Fresh, funky and written in the style of Daft Punk. and 70’s funk.


March of the little Goblins <— click the name to license.  originally written for halloween, this tune would work great in corporate presentations as well.


Campfire singalong <— click the name to license.  Acoustic, and new. in the style of The Lumineers.


Great stock music can be licensed royalty free at audio   check out great new tracks, with hundreds uploaded daily.  royalty free music available for your next video project or presentation.



3 Royalty Free Advertising Music tracks

3 Royalty Free Advertising Music tracks

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These 3 royalty free music tracks have a wide variety of uses from corporate construction and training, to heartfelt and fun family vacation videos.   Be sure to bookmark this page for more updates from DanHoodMusic on AudioJungle.


Click the NAME of the track for licensing opportunities.  Licensing is fast and easy, and you can download a preview track to put into your project for placement, feel, and testing.


Clever Design <– tech centered, building, contraction, stop-motion.


A Warm Smile <— bouncy acoustic track, with unique percussion elements.


Campfire Singalong <– modern indie folk, new grass sound with ooh vocals…