Royalty Free Acoustic Music – bedtracks

Royalty Free Acoustic Music

bedtrack, background music, acoustic guitar

Looking for a simple, clean and clear royalty free acoustic music beds for your next video project?  Here are a few tunes you may like…


The Morning Stillness <— click the name for licensing.  Quiet and soothing, with a percussion bed for some movement.


Medical Practice <— click the name for licensing.  A nice descending melodic and rhythmic pattern.


Bedtime Story <— click the name for licensing.   Calm and soothing.  nothing more, nothing less.


All of these tracks were recorded professionally in my home studio using top of the line gear.   I am using Logic Pro on a super fast iMac with Waves plug-ins and NI sample instruments.  At the heart of my rig, is a vintage API 312 card in a 500 series rack.  This pre allows me to capture the nuances of my acoustic instruments and percussion as well as allow tracks to mix together in a clean and concise manner.  I am loving this unit, and I can’t wait to add more pre’s to the collection!  As always, if you need any additional edits or custom music work, please don’t hesitate to contact me!



Royalty Free Rock music – Bright Awakening

Royalty Free Rock Music

bright, awaken, motivate

Bright Awakening is a royalty free rock music track with soaring guitars and an epic, big arena rock feel.  This track was recorded with electric guitars through my amazing Oldfield Marquis 36 tube amp, and a few choice pedals.

Listen Here:


License Here:  Bright Awakening <—- click here


This track is inspirational, motivating, uptempo, upbeat and uplifting!  A tribute to all my favorite Brit Rock pop bands like ColdPlay and U2. The drums are all from NI, and the guitars included an acoustic guitar, and my Fender Telecaster through various pedals into my Oldfield Marquis 36.  A little bit of heaven reigns in this track, and it is intended to inspire action.  I do hope you enjoy!   The electric guitars were miced with a Sennheiser e609 and the mic pre is an API 312…  This pre sounds great on most sources, and stacks very well!!

Royalty Free Acoustic Guitar music BUNDLES!

Royalty Free Acoustic guitar music | Bundles!

bundle and save, value bundle, royalty free acoustic

Looking for a group of acoustic tracks that have a similar sound and feel?  I have a couple of bundles that will save both time and money!  These tracks are similar because they were recorded using the same techniques.  These royalty free acoustic guitar music bundles are now available!


Acoustic Sunshine Pack – Happy and uptempo royalty free acoustic guitar music.  Great for a series of videos for one client, or a great way to get tracks at a discount! Bundle and save

Tracks included are:  Acoustic Sunshine Bed, Acoustic Sunshine Bed 2, 3, 4 and “Go Team Corporate”


The Relaxing Acoustic Pack – Features a few fingerpicked tracks and a few of these are even in the same key!  Again, great for a series of videos, or a larger documentary style of project.

Solo Acoustic Sunshine, Acoustic Sunshine Bed 5, 6, 7 and Rays of Acoustic Sunshine are included.



Motivational Background Music – Together we Can Inspire

Motivational Background Music

inspire, unite, create

This motivational background music track is led by piano and features a simple piano melody and a few breaks along the way.   Acoustic guitar, bass and drums fill out the arrangement to make this a great song for your background music needs!

Listen Here:


License Here: Together we Can Inspire <—


This is a “go get ’em” song that is just smooth and easy.  Designed and created for the background, “Together we can Inspire” is great for a wide range of projects including corporate videos and training videos or family fun videos.  What if we worked together?  One individual can make a difference, but together, we can all impact change and motivate our peers.  Sometimes it just takes a few people to start something amazing… Ben and jerry’s??  where would we be in the world of ice cream without those guys?  I can’t imagine my world without a tub of Cookie Dough ice cream or Chunky Monkey… amazing…  What are you going to do to change and impact the world?

Soft background music – Bedtime Story

Often times, all you need is a little soft background music to make your project perfect.  This track would work great in wedding videos, documentaries and commercials along with other types of TV spots. It also blends well with other tracks in my portfolio to make a complete library for your score.

Listen Here:


License Here:  Bedtime Story <—


I wrote this song after a tough night of insomnia for my wife and I.  Sometimes life things can cause you not to sleep.  This track was written for her.  My sweet wife who deserves and needs a restful nights sleep.  Occasionally, on a more inspired piece of music, I will write a melody based on lyrical phrasing and not on licks.  This is one of those tracks.  “Sleep tight ba-by, sleep tight dear, sleep tight dar-ling, erase your fear”  were the lyrics in my head while I composed this melody.  Written simply on an acoustic guitar, with the idea of a peaceful, hopeful, background music piece to help with rest.