Royalty free acoustic guitar music

Royalty Free Acoustic guitar music | NEW!

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New tracks from DanHoodMusic!  We surely hope you enjoy these new royalty free acoustic guitar music tracks.  These will work great in a variety of projects and media presentations.  Corporate training videos, and product ads, just to name a few.


A Warm Smile <— playful, and bouncy.  super fun. click the link to license.



Campfire Singalong <— click the link to licensee.  perfect for fall.


All tracks are written and recorded by me. DanHoodMusic.  available for download from with cheap and easy licensing options.

Rock guitar music – Royalty free music

Rock Guitar Music

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Epic and Anthemic rock guitar music tracks are one of my favorite types of music to write.  High energy and soaring, these tracks can used in a wide variety of projects and videos.  Corporate motivational training videos, sports tracks, and TV advertising can all utilize these royalty free rock music tracks.

Sunny Morning Rock <— click the name to license.  inspired, and inspiring.


Bright Awakening <— click the name to license.  epic and anthemic


Big City Business <— click the name to license.  clean and crisp


Americana City <— click the name to license.  slight country feel.  Down-home american rock.


Clean guitars? Crunchy guitars?  These tracks have it all!  Full productions recorded cleanly, these tracks feature telecasters, gibsons, and great sounding amps and pedals.  Bring on the rock!  Anthemic rock tracks in the style of U2, and coldplay, these tracks work for a variety of projects.

Royalty Free Acoustic Music

Royalty Free Acoustic Music

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Looking for a variety of royalty free acoustic music tracks for you next project?  Check these out!  Don’t forget to visit my Audiojungle page to see what else is available!

Subtle tracks:  just a some light fingerpicking…  great for background parts, or emotional sections of TV shows.

Bedtime Story <— click the name for licensing opportunities.


Acoustic Story Bed <— click here for licensing


Solo Acoustic Sunshine <— click here for licensing



Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 <—  Super amazing indie folk acoustic!


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7 <—  click for licensing


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 6 <— click for licensing


Royalty free acoustic music is available for your needs!  If you need something a little more custom, please let me know!  I can even customize a mix for you.

Soft background music – Bedtime Story

Often times, all you need is a little soft background music to make your project perfect.  This track would work great in wedding videos, documentaries and commercials along with other types of TV spots. It also blends well with other tracks in my portfolio to make a complete library for your score.

Listen Here:


License Here:  Bedtime Story <—


I wrote this song after a tough night of insomnia for my wife and I.  Sometimes life things can cause you not to sleep.  This track was written for her.  My sweet wife who deserves and needs a restful nights sleep.  Occasionally, on a more inspired piece of music, I will write a melody based on lyrical phrasing and not on licks.  This is one of those tracks.  “Sleep tight ba-by, sleep tight dear, sleep tight dar-ling, erase your fear”  were the lyrics in my head while I composed this melody.  Written simply on an acoustic guitar, with the idea of a peaceful, hopeful, background music piece to help with rest.

Fun Background Music

Fun Background Music

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Looking for some fun background music for your next youtube video project or podcast?  Vacation time is here and it is time to make some memories!  Here are a few tracks for consideration, both available on for licensing.


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 <—-


Your Special Day <—


Hang Ten Surf Rock Anthem <—


There are many more tracks available in my Acoustic Sunshine Collection that are uptempo and fun.  Mostly acoustic based, but there are rock tunes and full band tracks available as well.

It could be useful to see some very basic examples of video with music.  Here are a few Youtube videos that I put together.  These are very rough, as I am not a video editor or a very good camera operator, but it always helps to see the context.  Why compromise your video with bad audio?  Is your message important?  Let your message be heard loud and clear, and let music help tell your story.  These tracks are fun, and fresh background music tracks that will definitely add to your project, and not detract.  Please contact me if you have any questions or special mix needs! I can usually turn around different mixes in a few days or less, or contact me about a Custom Hybrid license.

Acoustic instrumental background music

Acoustic music is often used to help tell a story.  Acoustic guitar can be played aggressively or fingerpicked in a gentle way.  I have several acoustic instrumental background music tracks to choose from.  Here is a sampling.

Subtle and soothing – these tracks are great for story centered, documentary style videos and TV spots.

Acoustic Story Bed <— license here


Solo Acoustic Sunshine <— license here


Medical Practice <— license here


Here are some uptempo acoustic background instrumental tracks that have a wide variety of uses.

Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 <— license here


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7 <— license here


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 6 <— license here


Rays of Acoustic Sunshine <— license here


Check out my entire portfolio on AudioJungle!


I truly hope you can find some useful music for your next project among these tracks or possibly the rest of my royalty free music available on!  I enjoy the challenge of recording with an acoustic guitar and composing useful tracks for your next project.

Surfing Background Music – Hang Ten Surf Rock Anthem

Surfing Background Music

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Summer time is almost here, and that means trips to the beach, and sun sand and surf.  Surfing is a common thing in our great big world.  Just about any country or state with a coast line has some type of surfing culture.  No where is this more prevalent than in California and Hawaii, where surfing is literally a way of life.  This culture has even influenced mainstream music by giving us the Beach Boys, Dick Dale and ska punk!  This track of surfing background music is in the style of the great surf punk, and surf rockers of the past.

Listen Here:


License Here: Hang Ten Surf Rock Anthem <—


This track was recorded with my Fender Strat going into my Oldfield Marquis 36 amp.  dial back the bass, and pick near the bridge and you are in surf rock heaven!  I have been subconsciously influenced by this style of music since I first picked up the guitar.  It is absolutely fascinating to me!  Dick Dale was known to use big strings on his guitars, so that is one of the reasons I started playing heavier gauges.  I wonder if Stevie Ray Vaughan was influenced in this way also?  His tone is big and strong, just like Dick Dale’s…  hmmm..

Peaceful Background Music – Acoustic Story Bed

Peaceful Background Music

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Acoustic Story Bed is a peaceful background music track written to make the story the main thing in your project.  Simple and poignant, with just acoustic guitars, this royalty free acoustic music track is sure to work well in a variety of projects needing a calm music bed.

Listen Here:


License Here:  Acoustic Story Bed <—


So much of our culture is defined by “story”.  It is evident in the media, and on social media where folks start “conversations” that are usually not that helpful and sometimes even damaging.  News  outlets are quick to report the latest ‘story’ and do quick background checks on people to get an individuals life history in the span of a few minutes.  These ‘stories’ are often skewed and sensationalized.  Sometimes though, there are real stories about real people that are worth telling and worth hearing about.  These individuals inspire new thinking and new thought, or sometimes they are just encouraging in their own special way.  These stories are not heard often enough because these type of folks intentionally stay under the radar of social media and the news and just serve, or do.  This track is written for those type of stories.   Peaceful background music for amazing story.