Corporate Halloween Music

Corporate Halloween Music

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It’s the time of year when seasons change, governments shut down, and everyone just needs a cup of hot chocolate.  Here are some corporate halloween music tracks for your media projects.  All available royalty free.  All recorded professionally….   Not all of these may work for halloween, but corporate royalty free music is always in great demand.


March of the Little Goblins <— cinematic, fun, cute. click the name for licensing


Clever Design <— fun, percussive, like an apple ad.  click the name to license.


Whistle for a Bright Day <—  ukulele and everything!  Click the name to license.


Your Special Day <— click the name for licensing




Royalty Free Music – Halloween

Royalty Free Music – Halloween

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The days are getting a bit cooler, school is back in session in the US…  Every child eagerly awaits the holiday evening when they can dress up, and march around their neighborhood and get free candy!!  I wrote this song with suburbia in mind.  March of the Little Goblins is a royalty free music track that conjures images of little children dressed up as the latest character or celeb and walking around the neighborhood collecting their treats in large pillow cases!!


March of the Little Goblins <—  click here for licensing opportunities


Hang Ten Surf Rock Anthem <—  click here for licensing opportunities