Royalty free acoustic guitar music

Royalty Free Acoustic guitar music | NEW!

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New tracks from DanHoodMusic!  We surely hope you enjoy these new royalty free acoustic guitar music tracks.  These will work great in a variety of projects and media presentations.  Corporate training videos, and product ads, just to name a few.


A Warm Smile <— playful, and bouncy.  super fun. click the link to license.



Campfire Singalong <— click the link to licensee.  perfect for fall.


All tracks are written and recorded by me. DanHoodMusic.  available for download from with cheap and easy licensing options.

Fun Background Music

Fun Background Music

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Looking for some fun background music for your next youtube video project or podcast?  Vacation time is here and it is time to make some memories!  Here are a few tracks for consideration, both available on for licensing.


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 <—-


Your Special Day <—


Hang Ten Surf Rock Anthem <—


There are many more tracks available in my Acoustic Sunshine Collection that are uptempo and fun.  Mostly acoustic based, but there are rock tunes and full band tracks available as well.

It could be useful to see some very basic examples of video with music.  Here are a few Youtube videos that I put together.  These are very rough, as I am not a video editor or a very good camera operator, but it always helps to see the context.  Why compromise your video with bad audio?  Is your message important?  Let your message be heard loud and clear, and let music help tell your story.  These tracks are fun, and fresh background music tracks that will definitely add to your project, and not detract.  Please contact me if you have any questions or special mix needs! I can usually turn around different mixes in a few days or less, or contact me about a Custom Hybrid license.

Uptempo Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8

Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 is an uptempo acoustic guitar songs that is full of energy.  It features acoustic guitar, bass and drums, along with a fun melody and Intro section.  This video would work great in branding campaigns and in young, hip, advertising or podcasts.  Some of my favorite music is in the indie folk, or indie rock area and this track captures that vibe…

Listen Here:


License Here:  Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 <—

I can picture this track in a car commercial featuring the latest convertible or in a situation with a young clothing company.  This track just feels like summer time fun and would encourage dancing.  I can’t wait to get back to the beach this year.  Maybe this track can propel me there.  The idea of warm sand, the ocean waves, and a cold beer with nothing to do but sit sounds like a perfect couple of days to me.  After that though, I would have to get back to making music! I can’t stay away too long!


Acoustic Background Music – Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7

Acoustic Background Music

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Looking for some acoustic background music for you next ad, video, or project?  I have several tracks that may work for you!  This one is called Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7, and is available for licensing, royalty free.

Listen Here:


License Here: Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7 <—  Be sure to check out the other 6 songs in this series, as well as my other tracks.  Thanks for listening!


Here is Acoustic Sunshine Bed 4 on Youtube that also be useful for your needs.

The Acoustic Sunshine series has been a successful series for me so far.  I have one more song awaiting approval, then I will write 9 and 10…  After that? who knows?  I am thinking a line of rock tunes may be in order.  By the way, did I mention that I love harmony guitar lines?  Not like cheesy 80s stuff, but lines that are played in harmony or unison in different octaves can really allow a melody to have weight.  It also brings in another voice that is maybe unique to that song.  As always, I am still loving my API 312 preamp.  It has really been giving me some great results! I do hope you can check out my music, and license it royalty free!