Surfing Background Music – Hang Ten Surf Rock Anthem

Surfing Background Music

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Summer time is almost here, and that means trips to the beach, and sun sand and surf.  Surfing is a common thing in our great big world.  Just about any country or state with a coast line has some type of surfing culture.  No where is this more prevalent than in California and Hawaii, where surfing is literally a way of life.  This culture has even influenced mainstream music by giving us the Beach Boys, Dick Dale and ska punk!  This track of surfing background music is in the style of the great surf punk, and surf rockers of the past.

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This track was recorded with my Fender Strat going into my Oldfield Marquis 36 amp.  dial back the bass, and pick near the bridge and you are in surf rock heaven!  I have been subconsciously influenced by this style of music since I first picked up the guitar.  It is absolutely fascinating to me!  Dick Dale was known to use big strings on his guitars, so that is one of the reasons I started playing heavier gauges.  I wonder if Stevie Ray Vaughan was influenced in this way also?  His tone is big and strong, just like Dick Dale’s…  hmmm..