Royalty free acoustic guitar music

Royalty Free Acoustic guitar music | NEW!

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New tracks from DanHoodMusic!  We surely hope you enjoy these new royalty free acoustic guitar music tracks.  These will work great in a variety of projects and media presentations.  Corporate training videos, and product ads, just to name a few.


A Warm Smile <— playful, and bouncy.  super fun. click the link to license.



Campfire Singalong <— click the link to licensee.  perfect for fall.


All tracks are written and recorded by me. DanHoodMusic.  available for download from with cheap and easy licensing options.

Royalty Free Ukulele Music – fun and happy!

Royalty Free Ukulele Music

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The summer is almost over, but the ukulele is still going strong in the advertising world!  If you are looking for a few simple tracks to finish your summer projects that are upbeat and fun, check out these royalty free ukulele music tracks.  These tracks are available for licensing on!


Bright Ukulele Joy <— click the name to license.


Ukulele Happy Dance <— click the name to license.  2 versions available!


Smiley’s Uke Joint <— click the name to license.


All of these tracks were recorded professionally in my home studio.  Be sure to check out my portfolio by clicking any of the names above, or by going to my “royalty free music” portfolio on my website to see the diversity of tracks available for licensing.  The ukulele has been such a fun instrument to learn and write songs with.  The simplicity of a 4 string instrument is so refreshing, and the sound is instantly pleasing and appropriate to a wide range of advertising situations.

Royalty Free Ukulele Music NEW

Royalty Free Ukulele Music

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Looking for Royalty Free ukulele music?  Here are a few tracks that you may be interested in.


Bright Ukulele Joy  <—  This is the newest track in my library.  License by clicking the link.  Happy, bright and uplifting with Ukulele providing the feel, and other instruments creating the momentum.


Also check out Ukulele Happy Dance <—  license by clicking the link.


And don’t forget, Smiley’s Uke Joint <—  license by clicking the link


The Ukulele or ukelele is a great way to compose music.  Not only can you create happy little tunes like these, but it allows you to formulate the basis behind an entire orchestra.  Be sure to check out the rest of my royalty free music portfolio on audio  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the envato community, and hope to have continued success!  Thanks for listening.


Royalty Free Corporate Music

Royalty Free Corporate Music

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“Whistle for Bright Day”  is a royalty free corporate music track that utilizes ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, drums and bass and has a super fun whistle melody!  Great for corporate advertising or TV spots…  Also available without the whistle melody, just ask!

Listen Here:


License Here:  Whistle for a Bright Day <—  Audiojungle link


Be sure to browse the rest of my portfolio available HERE.   It is full of usable and fun royalty free stock music for use in web videos and TV adversing as well as podcasts, home movies and wedding videos!  All of these tracks are recorded professionally by me…  A regional Emmy award winning composer in the south eastern US.  Check back often for tons of new music uploaded weekly!

Acoustic instrumental background music

Acoustic music is often used to help tell a story.  Acoustic guitar can be played aggressively or fingerpicked in a gentle way.  I have several acoustic instrumental background music tracks to choose from.  Here is a sampling.

Subtle and soothing – these tracks are great for story centered, documentary style videos and TV spots.

Acoustic Story Bed <— license here


Solo Acoustic Sunshine <— license here


Medical Practice <— license here


Here are some uptempo acoustic background instrumental tracks that have a wide variety of uses.

Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 <— license here


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7 <— license here


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 6 <— license here


Rays of Acoustic Sunshine <— license here


Check out my entire portfolio on AudioJungle!


I truly hope you can find some useful music for your next project among these tracks or possibly the rest of my royalty free music available on!  I enjoy the challenge of recording with an acoustic guitar and composing useful tracks for your next project.

Acoustic Background Music – Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7

Acoustic Background Music

acoustic sunshine, royalty free music

Looking for some acoustic background music for you next ad, video, or project?  I have several tracks that may work for you!  This one is called Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7, and is available for licensing, royalty free.

Listen Here:


License Here: Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7 <—  Be sure to check out the other 6 songs in this series, as well as my other tracks.  Thanks for listening!


Here is Acoustic Sunshine Bed 4 on Youtube that also be useful for your needs.

The Acoustic Sunshine series has been a successful series for me so far.  I have one more song awaiting approval, then I will write 9 and 10…  After that? who knows?  I am thinking a line of rock tunes may be in order.  By the way, did I mention that I love harmony guitar lines?  Not like cheesy 80s stuff, but lines that are played in harmony or unison in different octaves can really allow a melody to have weight.  It also brings in another voice that is maybe unique to that song.  As always, I am still loving my API 312 preamp.  It has really been giving me some great results! I do hope you can check out my music, and license it royalty free!

Royalty Free Swing Jazz Tracks

Royalty Free Swing jazz

royalty free jazz, royalty free swing music

Looking for some royalty free swing jazz tracks?  Listen to these 2 tracks here!  Coffee Shop Jazz and Seasons Change are unique, uplifting tracks with a swing feel.  Accessible and immediate, with a fresh chill vibe, these tracks will fit in a wide variety of projects!  Very easy to listen to, with clean electric guitars, and light percussion.


Buy it here:  Coffee Shop Jazz 


Buy it here:  Seasons Change 


Youtube videos promoting these tunes:


Swing jazz music is so pure to me.  I love the idea of just simple instruments playing together and sharing a musical conversation.  Unfortunately, jazz music isn’t readily understood by the masses, so it is too often overlooked.  I have some friends that create and perform some really amazing jazz music, including Jordan Klemons, a friend and inspiring player to listen too…  This music will expand your mind, and give your brain cells a workout, or it can simply make you relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.  It is hard to believe that swing music was the “punk rock” of its day, when big bands played long hours in swanky night clubs to hundreds of young people who just wanted to dance, drink and smoke!