Rock Background Music | New Indie Rock

Rock Background Music

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Looking for some of the latest sounding indie rock material for music licensing?  Here are a few rock background music tracks that are sure to fit your project.


Pop Indie Rock <— click here for licensing.  The newest track in my collection.  wide guitars, and a fun melody


Indie Freedom Rock <— click here for licensing.  This one has some attitude.


Skinny Indie Rock <—  click here for licensing.  Hip and swanky!!



Royalty Free Music – Indie style

Royalty Free Music

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Looking for something hip, modern, and trendy for you next project?  Try these royalty free music pieces by DanHoodMusic.


Indie Freedom Rock <— click here to license.  Uptempo, with a great hook, and a cool velcro sounding verse melody…


Skinny Indie Rock <—  click here to license.  Uptempo, with a distinctly “New York” style in the vane of the Strokes.


All of these tracks were written and recorded by me in my professional home studio…  I usually lean on my 52RI tele for these type of tracks, and I have an old Gibson L6s deluxe that handles some lead duties.  These tracks would work great under a lifestyle branding application, such as a new shoe company or clothing line.


Royalty Free Rock Music – NEW!

Royalty Free Rock Music

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Early morning sunrise, the beginning to a great day…  That was the inspiration behind Sunny Morning Rock, the latest royalty free rock music track in my library.  Soaring electric guitars, with nice breaks and a nice wide open mix.  Great for corporate videos or motivational, hopeful moments.

Sunny Morning Rock <—  click the title to license, royalty free.


Guitars used in this recording include my ’89 strat, ’75 Gibson L6s deluxe.  Both great guitars that I have had in my collection of tools for a long time!  Actually, the Strat was my very first electric guitar.  It has upgraded electronics, and new frets among other things…  It has been in my family since it was new!  The old Gibson has a story all its own!  I bought this as part of a pair of L6s’ way back…  Sold one, which paid for both…  It has been through pickup changes, being sold, then repurchased, more pickups, a fret job, stolen, then returned 8 days later and it was my main live guitar for about 5 years!!  Needless to say, it must be mine!  It has seen a lot of use and has the wear to show it.  Currently, it has Burstbucker alnico pro pickups, which sound great!