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Royalty Free Rock Music

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Looking for some great sounding, fresh royalty free rock music for your next ad or video project?  Here are some great tracks that may fit nicely into your next project.

Extreme Sports Action <— big and extreme!  license by clicking the name

Bright Awakening <— Anthemic rock with a british pop influence! license by clicking the name

Big City Business <— More brit pop, a little cleaner than the other.  License by clicking the name

Hang Ten Surf Rock Anthem <—  Super fun surf rock!!  Could also work around halloween.  License by clicking the name.

Skinny Indie Rock <—  skinny jeans indie rock! license by clicking the name.

Summer Road Trip <—  Life can be a highway in the sumer time!  License by clicking the name.


All tracks are recorded professionally and available for licensing royalty free by clicking the links on the track names.  Looking for something a little more specific?  Please contact me and I can inform you of my hybrid music licensing offer.  I also have a ton of acoustic material available as well.  Perfect for background music and there are even a few “movie score” ambient pieces in my catalog as well.

Thanks for listening!


Uptempo Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8

Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 is an uptempo acoustic guitar songs that is full of energy.  It features acoustic guitar, bass and drums, along with a fun melody and Intro section.  This video would work great in branding campaigns and in young, hip, advertising or podcasts.  Some of my favorite music is in the indie folk, or indie rock area and this track captures that vibe…

Listen Here:


License Here:  Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 <—

I can picture this track in a car commercial featuring the latest convertible or in a situation with a young clothing company.  This track just feels like summer time fun and would encourage dancing.  I can’t wait to get back to the beach this year.  Maybe this track can propel me there.  The idea of warm sand, the ocean waves, and a cold beer with nothing to do but sit sounds like a perfect couple of days to me.  After that though, I would have to get back to making music! I can’t stay away too long!