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Royalty Free Ambient Music |

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Looking for a basic background track for your next advertising project or product description video?  Check out these royalty free ambient music tracks by DanHoodMusic available on   These tracks are easily looped, and create an environment for your story to live in, not just cheesy music to fill space and cover bad audio edits!  Recorded and composed professionally in my studio, these tracks are sure to be “just right.”  Purchase of a license gets you a 16b44k WAV file and an mp3 of the track without the “audio jungle” watermark voice.


Underwater Majesty <— click the name for licensing.  Hopeful and vast, like the open ocean


Ambient Construction <— click the name for licensing.  Positive and interesting.  long form 4 minutes.


Shifting Sands <— click the name for licensing.  spacey and ethereal

Royalty Free background Music

Royalty free background music

soft background music, royalty free music

Royalty free background music is available here.  Check out the tunes below, and follow the links to my licensing store on  Or check out my portfolio HERE and use the quick links to find what you are looking for quickly and easily!  All tracks are recorded with a feeling in mind.  Some tracks are uptempo, rocking, and fun, while others are a bit more introspective and push your story to the front.


Repair and Restoration <— click to license on audio jungle, my newest track!


Acoustic Story Bed <— click to license on audio jungle.


Big City Business <— click to license on audio jungle.


Underwater Majesty <— click to license on audio jungle.