Happy Background Music

Happy Background Music | Royalty Free

corporate motivational, training, royalty free music


Looking for some well recorded stock music?  Check out these 2 creations.  These will work well with current advertising trends and both tracks have lots of hits and cues to edit video with as well…  Rock style, accessible, epic corporate success tracks that are sure to motivate and inspire.


Own the World <–  Today is the day!  click the link to license


Success and Victory <–  kalimba and guitar lead the way.  click the link to license.

Royalty Free Rock Music

Royalty Free Rock Music

stock rock music, royalty free audio

Are you ready for some Rock??  Here are some royalty free rock music tracks to check out…  maybe they can work for your next project!  Great for advertising and youtube videos as well as product spotlight and corporate motivational videos.  Inspirational and well recorded, professionally composed.


The Popsicle Background <— click for licensing  smooth, and clear corporate rock


Indie Freedom Rock <– click for licensing – super fun and snarky indie rock.


Sunny Morning Rock <— click for licensing.  corporate epic rock style

Royalty Free Corporate Music – Clever Design

Royalty Free Corporate Music

apple ad, technology design, new tech

Looking for some music that sounds like a well developed Apple ad?  Clever Design is a royalty free corporate music piece that captures the feel of perpetual motion, and an ever evolving device.   This tracks sounds smart.  A bouncy piano melody leads the way, and is supported by acoustic guitars, bass and drums.

Clever Design <— click here for licensing opportunities.


I love technology.  Clean, clear and modern technology.  Tech is useless unless you can put it to good use.  I don’t even carry a pen anymore, thanks to great apps like Evernote.  I can simply take notes, and pull them up on the computer at home… It’s clean, clear and simple…  and way better organized than before.  I also use map apps all the time as a traveling musician.  I can find coffee shops, bars, restaurants AND get directions to a gig!  This track encompasses the ever evolving state of our modern world of technology and would fit well advertising such companies.


Royalty Free Music – Corporate Rock

Here we have some well recorded and well written corporate rock style tracks available as royalty free music!  These tracks all have that epic, awesome big rock sound that works so well behind TV spots, interviews, or product promotion spots for podcasts and videos!


Indie Freedom Rock <– click the name to license, royalty free.  Indie rock feel, uptempo and fun, with a quirky, fun in the sunshine melody.


Sunny Morning Rock <– click the name to license.  Soaring, inspirational rock music track.  perfect for corporate training or motivational spots!


Bright Awakening <– click the name for royalty free music licensing.  Anthemic, corporate rock tune in the style of U2 and Coldplay


Americana City <– click the name to license this track royalty free.  Summer road trip, travel style tune.  Sounds a bit Americana and new country.

Royalty Free Music – Indie style

Royalty Free Music

indie rock, royalty free indie, skinny jeans

Looking for something hip, modern, and trendy for you next project?  Try these royalty free music pieces by DanHoodMusic.


Indie Freedom Rock <— click here to license.  Uptempo, with a great hook, and a cool velcro sounding verse melody…


Skinny Indie Rock <—  click here to license.  Uptempo, with a distinctly “New York” style in the vane of the Strokes.


All of these tracks were written and recorded by me in my professional home studio…  I usually lean on my 52RI tele for these type of tracks, and I have an old Gibson L6s deluxe that handles some lead duties.  These tracks would work great under a lifestyle branding application, such as a new shoe company or clothing line.


Corporate Royalty Free Music

Corporate Royalty Free Music

royalty free audio, corporate training, motivational music

Corporate Royalty Free Music is a very broad category of music that can range from piano ballads, to Ukulele tracks…  DHM has a bit of that to go around!


Check out these tunes! and click the name for licensing options.


Together We Can Inspire <—  newest track in the portfolio featuring piano, ukulele, bass, drums and acoustic guitar.


Your Special Day <—  This is a fun piano groove, with happy bells and glockenspiel, with acoustic guitar.


Rays of Acoustic Sunshine <—  Acoustic guitars in harmony, with a lively and fun chord progression


Best of Luck <—  a light, bouncy acoustic guitar tune with an electric piano melody


Hearts and Hands <—  smooth and grooving.  Great as a background music bed!


Ukulele Happy Dance <—  This Ukelele track is one of my favorites!  It seems to be very popular on SoundCloud


Smiley’s Uke Joint <—-  Another super fun ukulele tune!


I truly hope you enjoy this music and it proves useful in your next video or advertising project.  I love the art of recording and working to achieve awesome and usable music.   Contact me about my “Hybrid” music licensing, where I create a piece of music specifically for you, but sell it as royalty free music on audiojungle.  It is a non exclusive deal, and there is an “origination fee” based on the length on complexity of the music.  You get a custom piece, and I am able to resell that piece to others!  You can also request a “full buy-out” or we can negotiate a long-term license agreement.