3 royalty free music tracks

3 Royalty Free Music tracks

new stock music, different, funky, fun


Looking for some new music for your next project??  Check out these 3 royalty free music tracks that are a bit different.  A bit “left of center”.


Dance with Me <– click the name to license.  Fresh, funky and written in the style of Daft Punk. and 70’s funk.


March of the little Goblins <— click the name to license.  originally written for halloween, this tune would work great in corporate presentations as well.


Campfire singalong <— click the name to license.  Acoustic, and new. in the style of The Lumineers.


Great stock music can be licensed royalty free at audio jungle.net.   check out great new tracks, with hundreds uploaded daily.  royalty free music available for your next video project or presentation.



Royalty Free Rock music – Bright Awakening

Royalty Free Rock Music

bright, awaken, motivate

Bright Awakening is a royalty free rock music track with soaring guitars and an epic, big arena rock feel.  This track was recorded with electric guitars through my amazing Oldfield Marquis 36 tube amp, and a few choice pedals.

Listen Here:


License Here:  Bright Awakening <—- click here


This track is inspirational, motivating, uptempo, upbeat and uplifting!  A tribute to all my favorite Brit Rock pop bands like ColdPlay and U2. The drums are all from NI, and the guitars included an acoustic guitar, and my Fender Telecaster through various pedals into my Oldfield Marquis 36.  A little bit of heaven reigns in this track, and it is intended to inspire action.  I do hope you enjoy!   The electric guitars were miced with a Sennheiser e609 and the mic pre is an API 312…  This pre sounds great on most sources, and stacks very well!!