Soft background music – Bedtime Story

Often times, all you need is a little soft background music to make your project perfect.  This track would work great in wedding videos, documentaries and commercials along with other types of TV spots. It also blends well with other tracks in my portfolio to make a complete library for your score.

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I wrote this song after a tough night of insomnia for my wife and I.  Sometimes life things can cause you not to sleep.  This track was written for her.  My sweet wife who deserves and needs a restful nights sleep.  Occasionally, on a more inspired piece of music, I will write a melody based on lyrical phrasing and not on licks.  This is one of those tracks.  “Sleep tight ba-by, sleep tight dear, sleep tight dar-ling, erase your fear”  were the lyrics in my head while I composed this melody.  Written simply on an acoustic guitar, with the idea of a peaceful, hopeful, background music piece to help with rest.

Peaceful Background Music – Acoustic Story Bed

Peaceful Background Music

royalty free acoustic music, royalty free music

Acoustic Story Bed is a peaceful background music track written to make the story the main thing in your project.  Simple and poignant, with just acoustic guitars, this royalty free acoustic music track is sure to work well in a variety of projects needing a calm music bed.

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License Here:  Acoustic Story Bed <—


So much of our culture is defined by “story”.  It is evident in the media, and on social media where folks start “conversations” that are usually not that helpful and sometimes even damaging.  News  outlets are quick to report the latest ‘story’ and do quick background checks on people to get an individuals life history in the span of a few minutes.  These ‘stories’ are often skewed and sensationalized.  Sometimes though, there are real stories about real people that are worth telling and worth hearing about.  These individuals inspire new thinking and new thought, or sometimes they are just encouraging in their own special way.  These stories are not heard often enough because these type of folks intentionally stay under the radar of social media and the news and just serve, or do.  This track is written for those type of stories.   Peaceful background music for amazing story.