Royalty Free Acoustic Music

bedtrack, background music, acoustic guitar

Looking for a simple, clean and clear royalty free acoustic music beds for your next video project?  Here are a few tunes you may like…


The Morning Stillness <— click the name for licensing.  Quiet and soothing, with a percussion bed for some movement.


Medical Practice <— click the name for licensing.  A nice descending melodic and rhythmic pattern.


Bedtime Story <— click the name for licensing.   Calm and soothing.  nothing more, nothing less.


All of these tracks were recorded professionally in my home studio using top of the line gear.   I am using Logic Pro on a super fast iMac with Waves plug-ins and NI sample instruments.  At the heart of my rig, is a vintage API 312 card in a 500 series rack.  This pre allows me to capture the nuances of my acoustic instruments and percussion as well as allow tracks to mix together in a clean and concise manner.  I am loving this unit, and I can’t wait to add more pre’s to the collection!  As always, if you need any additional edits or custom music work, please don’t hesitate to contact me!