Royalty Free American Rock

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Looking for some great royalty free audio tracks?  These songs have an americana, new country, classic rock feel and work great in advertising and TV commercials, or behind video content that has VO.


Americana City – <— click the link to license.   Uptempo, feel good track. perfect for adventure and b-roll


Summer Road Trip <— click the link to license.  Classic road trip rock for the open highway


Extreme Sports Action <— click the link to license.  This track is a bit heavier… great for extreme sports action!! written in collaboration with Mattijs Muller from Brazil!


I love crunchy guitars that are not over processed.  These tracks showcase those sounds, and what those sounds can do when they are layered and mixed.  These tracks feature my Oldfield Marquis 36 amp, a Silvertone 1481, and a few modeled guitar sounds (Can you guess??)  I used my 52RI tele and my old Gibson L6s deluxe.  The cab was recorded with either a Sennheiser e609 or a Cascade Fathead II ribbon mic into my API pre, apogee Duet, and Logic.  I do hope you enjoy these sounds!  Tom Petty Full Moon Fever was one of my first favorite records from when I was a kid.  Those songs and sounds will forever be a part of me, and the influence is far reaching!  Be sure to check out the rest of my music!! Thanks!