Your First Guitar Lesson

Things to know BEFORE your first guitar lesson:

Guitar lessons are a great way to explore music and learn to play an instrument that can stay with you for life!  There are a few things to know before your first lesson, to ensure a great experience for the student.  Guitar lessons in the Charlotte NC area, generally work like this:


1.  Bring your instrument to your first lesson, hopefully in good working order.   If you need help in purchasing your first guitar, then contact the instructor or school ahead of time to get some advice.


2.  Bring a folder or notebook to store the materials that you will be given at your first lesson.  From my experience, there are 2 main directions for instruction.  The first direction is learning to read standard notation and playing simple songs that then advance over time.  The second direction is a chord based method, where the student learns to form chords and strum the guitar.  Both are great ways to learn, and there is often cross pollination between the 2 methods.


3.  Set up a consistent practice time.  You are generally only with the instructor for 30min – 1 hr. once a week.  it is the other 5-10 hours of practice time per week that will accelerate your learning.


4. Be sure to communicate with the instructor about songs you would like to learn, and goals you may have on the instrument. This assures that time is well spent moving in the direction that you would like to go.