3 Royalty Free Advertising Music tracks

3 Royalty Free Advertising Music tracks

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These 3 royalty free music tracks have a wide variety of uses from corporate construction and training, to heartfelt and fun family vacation videos.   Be sure to bookmark this page for more updates from DanHoodMusic on AudioJungle.


Click the NAME of the track for licensing opportunities.  Licensing is fast and easy, and you can download a preview track to put into your project for placement, feel, and testing.


Clever Design <– tech centered, building, contraction, stop-motion.


A Warm Smile <— bouncy acoustic track, with unique percussion elements.


Campfire Singalong <– modern indie folk, new grass sound with ooh vocals…


Royalty Free Corporate Music – Clever Design

Royalty Free Corporate Music

apple ad, technology design, new tech

Looking for some music that sounds like a well developed Apple ad?  Clever Design is a royalty free corporate music piece that captures the feel of perpetual motion, and an ever evolving device.   This tracks sounds smart.  A bouncy piano melody leads the way, and is supported by acoustic guitars, bass and drums.

Clever Design <— click here for licensing opportunities.


I love technology.  Clean, clear and modern technology.  Tech is useless unless you can put it to good use.  I don’t even carry a pen anymore, thanks to great apps like Evernote.  I can simply take notes, and pull them up on the computer at home… It’s clean, clear and simple…  and way better organized than before.  I also use map apps all the time as a traveling musician.  I can find coffee shops, bars, restaurants AND get directions to a gig!  This track encompasses the ever evolving state of our modern world of technology and would fit well advertising such companies.


Rock guitar music – Royalty free music

Rock Guitar Music

royalty free music, royalty free rock music

Epic and Anthemic rock guitar music tracks are one of my favorite types of music to write.  High energy and soaring, these tracks can used in a wide variety of projects and videos.  Corporate motivational training videos, sports tracks, and TV advertising can all utilize these royalty free rock music tracks.

Sunny Morning Rock <— click the name to license.  inspired, and inspiring.


Bright Awakening <— click the name to license.  epic and anthemic


Big City Business <— click the name to license.  clean and crisp


Americana City <— click the name to license.  slight country feel.  Down-home american rock.


Clean guitars? Crunchy guitars?  These tracks have it all!  Full productions recorded cleanly, these tracks feature telecasters, gibsons, and great sounding amps and pedals.  Bring on the rock!  Anthemic rock tracks in the style of U2, and coldplay, these tracks work for a variety of projects.

Motivational Background Music – Together we Can Inspire

Motivational Background Music

inspire, unite, create

This motivational background music track is led by piano and features a simple piano melody and a few breaks along the way.   Acoustic guitar, bass and drums fill out the arrangement to make this a great song for your background music needs!

Listen Here:


License Here: Together we Can Inspire <—


This is a “go get ’em” song that is just smooth and easy.  Designed and created for the background, “Together we can Inspire” is great for a wide range of projects including corporate videos and training videos or family fun videos.  What if we worked together?  One individual can make a difference, but together, we can all impact change and motivate our peers.  Sometimes it just takes a few people to start something amazing… Ben and jerry’s??  where would we be in the world of ice cream without those guys?  I can’t imagine my world without a tub of Cookie Dough ice cream or Chunky Monkey… amazing…  What are you going to do to change and impact the world?

Acoustic instrumental background music

Acoustic music is often used to help tell a story.  Acoustic guitar can be played aggressively or fingerpicked in a gentle way.  I have several acoustic instrumental background music tracks to choose from.  Here is a sampling.

Subtle and soothing – these tracks are great for story centered, documentary style videos and TV spots.

Acoustic Story Bed <— license here


Solo Acoustic Sunshine <— license here


Medical Practice <— license here


Here are some uptempo acoustic background instrumental tracks that have a wide variety of uses.

Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 <— license here


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7 <— license here


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 6 <— license here


Rays of Acoustic Sunshine <— license here


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I truly hope you can find some useful music for your next project among these tracks or possibly the rest of my royalty free music available on Audiojungle.net!  I enjoy the challenge of recording with an acoustic guitar and composing useful tracks for your next project.