5 NEW royalty free Corporate Music tracks

5 royalty Free Corporate Music tracks

royalty free music, corporate motivational, inspirational music

These 5 tracks are light, airy and just feel right.  They have a wide variety of uses in the advertising and new media worlds, and will work great under product videos, corporate training videos, or commercials and advertisements that drive a product.  Feel good songs, recorded clean and clear!

Licensing is fast and easy on Audiojungle.net and allows a preview file download.  License by clicking the name of the track below!


Winning Idea <—  My newest track, light airy and melodic with a nice build.  Click the name for licensing options!


Own the World <—  Corporate Rock at its finest.   Motivating and strong.


Success and Victory <— Uptempo, epic rock, with a bell part and strings that drive the groove.  Click the name for licensing options.


Campfire Singalong <— Folksy, with “ohh” vocals.  This track is in line with current trends in advertising.   A version without the “ooh” vocals is also INCLUDED!!


Clever Design <—  This track has more “tech” feel and would work great under a product description video. click the name to license!



Bright Ukulele Joy < Ukelele music at it’s finest.  This track is a feel good summer song!  click the name for licensing!


3 royalty free music tracks

3 Royalty Free Music tracks

new stock music, different, funky, fun


Looking for some new music for your next project??  Check out these 3 royalty free music tracks that are a bit different.  A bit “left of center”.


Dance with Me <– click the name to license.  Fresh, funky and written in the style of Daft Punk. and 70’s funk.


March of the little Goblins <— click the name to license.  originally written for halloween, this tune would work great in corporate presentations as well.


Campfire singalong <— click the name to license.  Acoustic, and new. in the style of The Lumineers.


Great stock music can be licensed royalty free at audio jungle.net.   check out great new tracks, with hundreds uploaded daily.  royalty free music available for your next video project or presentation.



Royalty Free Corporate Music

Royalty Free Corporate Music

corporate training, new music, royalty free music


Looking for a great new track to compliment your corporate training video or advertisement?  These tracks are sure to be uplifting, motivating and inspiring to your co-workers or clients.  Available for small licensing fees, and easily downloadable.  Just follow the links!


Success and Victory – New corporate motivational track on audio jungle.  String parts, acoustic guitar and electric guitar drive this uplifting, hopeful piece.


Clever Design – Tech savvy and childlike, great for software training.  Quick ending, great for tight edits.


Together we Can Inspire – simple piano based piece with a ukulele melodic idea.






Royalty free acoustic guitar music

Royalty Free Acoustic guitar music | NEW!

new music, royalty free, acoustic instrumental

New tracks from DanHoodMusic!  We surely hope you enjoy these new royalty free acoustic guitar music tracks.  These will work great in a variety of projects and media presentations.  Corporate training videos, and product ads, just to name a few.


A Warm Smile <— playful, and bouncy.  super fun. click the link to license.



Campfire Singalong <— click the link to licensee.  perfect for fall.


All tracks are written and recorded by me. DanHoodMusic.  available for download from audiojungle.net with cheap and easy licensing options.

Corporate Halloween Music

Corporate Halloween Music

royalty free music, royalty free corporate music, instrumental corporate music

It’s the time of year when seasons change, governments shut down, and everyone just needs a cup of hot chocolate.  Here are some corporate halloween music tracks for your media projects.  All available royalty free.  All recorded professionally….   Not all of these may work for halloween, but corporate royalty free music is always in great demand.


March of the Little Goblins <— cinematic, fun, cute. click the name for licensing


Clever Design <— fun, percussive, like an apple ad.  click the name to license.


Whistle for a Bright Day <—  ukulele and everything!  Click the name to license.


Your Special Day <— click the name for licensing




Stock Acoustic Music – Royalty Free

Stock Acoustic Music

royalty free music, royalty free acoustic music, acoustic instrumental

Looking for some stock acoustic music tracks to go with your next podcast, or video project or advertising?  Check out these tracks available on audio jungle.net


The Morning Stillness


Bedtime Story


Best of Luck


Several more similar tracks are available HERE in my ACOUSTIC SUNSHINE COLLECTION  and don’t forget to bundle and save!  ACOUSTIC SUNSHINE PACK


These tracks were are recorded professionally in my home studio.  DanHoodMusic is a multi’-instrumentalist that plays acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, ukulele, lap steel and pedal steel.



Royalty Free Corporate Music – Clever Design

Royalty Free Corporate Music

apple ad, technology design, new tech

Looking for some music that sounds like a well developed Apple ad?  Clever Design is a royalty free corporate music piece that captures the feel of perpetual motion, and an ever evolving device.   This tracks sounds smart.  A bouncy piano melody leads the way, and is supported by acoustic guitars, bass and drums.

Clever Design <— click here for licensing opportunities.


I love technology.  Clean, clear and modern technology.  Tech is useless unless you can put it to good use.  I don’t even carry a pen anymore, thanks to great apps like Evernote.  I can simply take notes, and pull them up on the computer at home… It’s clean, clear and simple…  and way better organized than before.  I also use map apps all the time as a traveling musician.  I can find coffee shops, bars, restaurants AND get directions to a gig!  This track encompasses the ever evolving state of our modern world of technology and would fit well advertising such companies.


Royalty Free Acoustic Guitar Music – Acoustic Sunshine

Acoustic Sunshine – royalty free acoustic guitar music

royalty free music, acoustic guitar instrumental, sunshine music

Are you in need of some great acoustic guitar tracks to fill in the background of your next video or set the mode for your podcast or product video?  Check out these well made, clean, clear and simple royalty free acoustic guitar music tracks from DanHoodMusic.


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 7 <— click the name to license easily!  Cool, uptempo but relaxing


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 8 <— click the name to license.  indie folk sound. uplifting and super fun.


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 5 <— click the name to license.  Fingerpicking goodness!


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 4 <— click the name to license.


Bundle and Save!!  Save money with licensing music in a pack!

Acoustic Sunshine Pack <— click the name to license.  Uptempo acoustic guitar fun!

Relaxing Acoustic Pack  <— click the name to license.  Calm and soothing acoustic music.