Royalty Free Corporate Music

Royalty Free Corporate Music

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Looking for a great new track to compliment your corporate training video or advertisement?  These tracks are sure to be uplifting, motivating and inspiring to your co-workers or clients.  Available for small licensing fees, and easily downloadable.  Just follow the links!


Success and Victory – New corporate motivational track on audio jungle.  String parts, acoustic guitar and electric guitar drive this uplifting, hopeful piece.


Clever Design – Tech savvy and childlike, great for software training.  Quick ending, great for tight edits.


Together we Can Inspire – simple piano based piece with a ukulele melodic idea.






Acoustic Background Music | Simple and Clean Acoustic

Acoustic Background Music

acoustic instrumental, simple and clean, royalty free acoustic music

Thanks for finding my blog that contains a few acoustic background music tracks for you to enjoy and license.  All of my music is recorded in my small, but professional home studio.  I am also available to record tracks on your next project remotely.  I can play acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, pedal and lap steel, and bass.   Please visit my entire portfolio available for licensing HERE on audiojungle.


Repair and Restoration <—  click the name to license.  thoughtful, poignant, full sounding track


The Morning Stillness <— click the name to license.  peaceful, calm, simple


Winter Drone <— click the name to license.  cold, barren, spacey effects, a little dark


Bedtime Story <— click the name to license.  personal, sweet, calming

Rock guitar music – Royalty free music

Rock Guitar Music

royalty free music, royalty free rock music

Epic and Anthemic rock guitar music tracks are one of my favorite types of music to write.  High energy and soaring, these tracks can used in a wide variety of projects and videos.  Corporate motivational training videos, sports tracks, and TV advertising can all utilize these royalty free rock music tracks.

Sunny Morning Rock <— click the name to license.  inspired, and inspiring.


Bright Awakening <— click the name to license.  epic and anthemic


Big City Business <— click the name to license.  clean and crisp


Americana City <— click the name to license.  slight country feel.  Down-home american rock.


Clean guitars? Crunchy guitars?  These tracks have it all!  Full productions recorded cleanly, these tracks feature telecasters, gibsons, and great sounding amps and pedals.  Bring on the rock!  Anthemic rock tracks in the style of U2, and coldplay, these tracks work for a variety of projects.