5 NEW royalty free Corporate Music tracks

5 royalty Free Corporate Music tracks

royalty free music, corporate motivational, inspirational music

These 5 tracks are light, airy and just feel right.  They have a wide variety of uses in the advertising and new media worlds, and will work great under product videos, corporate training videos, or commercials and advertisements that drive a product.  Feel good songs, recorded clean and clear!

Licensing is fast and easy on Audiojungle.net and allows a preview file download.  License by clicking the name of the track below!


Winning Idea <—  My newest track, light airy and melodic with a nice build.  Click the name for licensing options!


Own the World <—  Corporate Rock at its finest.   Motivating and strong.


Success and Victory <— Uptempo, epic rock, with a bell part and strings that drive the groove.  Click the name for licensing options.


Campfire Singalong <— Folksy, with “ohh” vocals.  This track is in line with current trends in advertising.   A version without the “ooh” vocals is also INCLUDED!!


Clever Design <—  This track has more “tech” feel and would work great under a product description video. click the name to license!



Bright Ukulele Joy < Ukelele music at it’s finest.  This track is a feel good summer song!  click the name for licensing!


Royalty Free Ukulele Music

Royalty Free Ukulele Music

stock music, instrumental ukulele, royalty free music

Summer is ending, but we can all dream of next year’s summer vacation! Royalty Free Ukulele Music available for licensing… fast and painless!


Bright Ukulele Joy <—  click the name to license.


Ukulele Happy Dance <— click the name to license.


Smiley’s Uke Joint <— click the name to license.