Royalty free acoustic guitar music

Royalty Free Acoustic guitar music | NEW!

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New tracks from DanHoodMusic!  We surely hope you enjoy these new royalty free acoustic guitar music tracks.  These will work great in a variety of projects and media presentations.  Corporate training videos, and product ads, just to name a few.


A Warm Smile <— playful, and bouncy.  super fun. click the link to license.



Campfire Singalong <— click the link to licensee.  perfect for fall.


All tracks are written and recorded by me. DanHoodMusic.  available for download from with cheap and easy licensing options.

Royalty Free Music – Acoustic guitar

Looking for some well recorded Royalty Free Music?  Check out these acoustic guitar tracks available on 


Acoustic Sunshine Bed <– click the name for licensing.  Uptempo royalty free music played with acoustic guitar, mandolin and ukulele

Acoustic Sunshine Bed 2 <– click the name for licensing.  Uplifting and fast-paced with acoustic guitar and mandolin.  A little bit country

Acoustic Sunshine Bed 5 <– click the name for licensing.  Fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Soothing and calming royalty free music.

Acoustic Story Bed <– click the name for licensing.  Subtle acoustic guitar work.  Story first!

The Morning Stillness <– click the name for licensing.  royalty free music with acoustic guitar and piano.  Story first!

Royalty Free Music – Indie style

Royalty Free Music

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Looking for something hip, modern, and trendy for you next project?  Try these royalty free music pieces by DanHoodMusic.


Indie Freedom Rock <— click here to license.  Uptempo, with a great hook, and a cool velcro sounding verse melody…


Skinny Indie Rock <—  click here to license.  Uptempo, with a distinctly “New York” style in the vane of the Strokes.


All of these tracks were written and recorded by me in my professional home studio…  I usually lean on my 52RI tele for these type of tracks, and I have an old Gibson L6s deluxe that handles some lead duties.  These tracks would work great under a lifestyle branding application, such as a new shoe company or clothing line.


Royalty Free Audio Tracks – American Rock

Royalty Free American Rock

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Looking for some great royalty free audio tracks?  These songs have an americana, new country, classic rock feel and work great in advertising and TV commercials, or behind video content that has VO.


Americana City – <— click the link to license.   Uptempo, feel good track. perfect for adventure and b-roll


Summer Road Trip <— click the link to license.  Classic road trip rock for the open highway


Extreme Sports Action <— click the link to license.  This track is a bit heavier… great for extreme sports action!! written in collaboration with Mattijs Muller from Brazil!


I love crunchy guitars that are not over processed.  These tracks showcase those sounds, and what those sounds can do when they are layered and mixed.  These tracks feature my Oldfield Marquis 36 amp, a Silvertone 1481, and a few modeled guitar sounds (Can you guess??)  I used my 52RI tele and my old Gibson L6s deluxe.  The cab was recorded with either a Sennheiser e609 or a Cascade Fathead II ribbon mic into my API pre, apogee Duet, and Logic.  I do hope you enjoy these sounds!  Tom Petty Full Moon Fever was one of my first favorite records from when I was a kid.  Those songs and sounds will forever be a part of me, and the influence is far reaching!  Be sure to check out the rest of my music!! Thanks!




Royalty Free Ukulele Music NEW

Royalty Free Ukulele Music

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Looking for Royalty Free ukulele music?  Here are a few tracks that you may be interested in.


Bright Ukulele Joy  <—  This is the newest track in my library.  License by clicking the link.  Happy, bright and uplifting with Ukulele providing the feel, and other instruments creating the momentum.


Also check out Ukulele Happy Dance <—  license by clicking the link.


And don’t forget, Smiley’s Uke Joint <—  license by clicking the link


The Ukulele or ukelele is a great way to compose music.  Not only can you create happy little tunes like these, but it allows you to formulate the basis behind an entire orchestra.  Be sure to check out the rest of my royalty free music portfolio on audio  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the envato community, and hope to have continued success!  Thanks for listening.


Royalty Free Rock Music – DanHoodMusic

Royalty Free Rock Music

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Looking for some great sounding, fresh royalty free rock music for your next ad or video project?  Here are some great tracks that may fit nicely into your next project.

Extreme Sports Action <— big and extreme!  license by clicking the name

Bright Awakening <— Anthemic rock with a british pop influence! license by clicking the name

Big City Business <— More brit pop, a little cleaner than the other.  License by clicking the name

Hang Ten Surf Rock Anthem <—  Super fun surf rock!!  Could also work around halloween.  License by clicking the name.

Skinny Indie Rock <—  skinny jeans indie rock! license by clicking the name.

Summer Road Trip <—  Life can be a highway in the sumer time!  License by clicking the name.


All tracks are recorded professionally and available for licensing royalty free by clicking the links on the track names.  Looking for something a little more specific?  Please contact me and I can inform you of my hybrid music licensing offer.  I also have a ton of acoustic material available as well.  Perfect for background music and there are even a few “movie score” ambient pieces in my catalog as well.

Thanks for listening!


Royalty Free Music Extreme Sports

Royalty Free Music Extreme Sports

GoPro, adrenalin music, high energy, rock

It’s time for adrenalin sports and car racing!  Summer time is full of great activities and extreme action sports.  This royalty free music extreme sports track is great for your highlight reels or sports advertising and is full of big hits and breaks.

Listen here:


License Here: Extreme Sports Action <— click here for licensing options


Kayak fishing, downhill skiing, free riding, mountain biking, supercross races, NASCAR races, formula 1, indy car, sky diving, base jumping, cliff diving, skateboarding, half pip, monster truck, scuba diving, racing.  These sports all have an extreme nature and completely deserve high energy uptempo music.  Be sure to check out my portfolio on audio jungle for more of the best royalty free music you can license!  Audiojungle contains over 110,000 tracks and sound effects just waiting for your next project!

Surfing Background Music – Hang Ten Surf Rock Anthem

Surfing Background Music

hang ten, surf rock, royalty free music

Summer time is almost here, and that means trips to the beach, and sun sand and surf.  Surfing is a common thing in our great big world.  Just about any country or state with a coast line has some type of surfing culture.  No where is this more prevalent than in California and Hawaii, where surfing is literally a way of life.  This culture has even influenced mainstream music by giving us the Beach Boys, Dick Dale and ska punk!  This track of surfing background music is in the style of the great surf punk, and surf rockers of the past.

Listen Here:


License Here: Hang Ten Surf Rock Anthem <—


This track was recorded with my Fender Strat going into my Oldfield Marquis 36 amp.  dial back the bass, and pick near the bridge and you are in surf rock heaven!  I have been subconsciously influenced by this style of music since I first picked up the guitar.  It is absolutely fascinating to me!  Dick Dale was known to use big strings on his guitars, so that is one of the reasons I started playing heavier gauges.  I wonder if Stevie Ray Vaughan was influenced in this way also?  His tone is big and strong, just like Dick Dale’s…  hmmm..