Top 5 Royalty Free Music tracks

Top 5 Royalty Free Music tracks

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Here are the top 5 royalty free music tracks from my portfolio in the past year.  I hope you find something useful for your next project!


Medical Practice <— Click the name to license. my best selling track.  Acoustic guitar based.  Simple and clean.  Perfect for background music needs.  Royalty Free acoustic music


Bright Awakening <— click the name to license.  Epic, corporate rock. Royalty free rock music at its finest.  Featured in an Envato bundle as well.


Acoustic Sunshine Bed 5 <— click the name to license.  Finger style, finger picked acoustic guitar track.  simple clean and cool! Royalty free acoustic music


Winning Idea <— click the name to license.  Corporate motivational royalty free music.  Acoustic guitar, strings and bells.


Repair and Restoration <— click the name to license. Mellow and acoustic.  light airy electric guitars give a hopeful feeling.

Custom Music available.  Contact me for competitive pricing!


Happy Background Music

Happy Background Music | Royalty Free

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Looking for some well recorded stock music?  Check out these 2 creations.  These will work well with current advertising trends and both tracks have lots of hits and cues to edit video with as well…  Rock style, accessible, epic corporate success tracks that are sure to motivate and inspire.


Own the World <–  Today is the day!  click the link to license


Success and Victory <–  kalimba and guitar lead the way.  click the link to license.

Music for Video Production | available Royalty Free

Music for Video Production

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We live in a time of fast video and multimedia productions with short deadlines and quick turn-arounds.   An often overlooked part of a great video production is the right piece of music to capture the moment.   Music for video production can range from creating a high energy piece, to a soft and soothing acoustic guitar piece, or sometimes a combination of all of them!  I am DanHoodMusic and I write music for video production.  My royalty free music library ranges from acoustic pieces to hard hitting rock tunes.  Here are some examples of my work.  Click on the name for licensing options from the best site on the net!


Acoustic guitar music:

Repair and Restoration <— click the name for licensing.


The Morning Stillness <— click the name for licensing.


Royalty Free Rock Music:


Pop Indie Rock <— click the name for licensing.


Extreme Sports Action <— click the name for licensing.


Ambient Music



Ambient Construction<— click the name for licensing.


Royalty Free Ukulele Music


Ukulele Happy Dance <— click the name for licensing.


Royalty Free Jazz Music


Seasons Change <— click the name for licensing.

Motivational Background Music – Together we Can Inspire

Motivational Background Music

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This motivational background music track is led by piano and features a simple piano melody and a few breaks along the way.   Acoustic guitar, bass and drums fill out the arrangement to make this a great song for your background music needs!

Listen Here:


License Here: Together we Can Inspire <—


This is a “go get ’em” song that is just smooth and easy.  Designed and created for the background, “Together we can Inspire” is great for a wide range of projects including corporate videos and training videos or family fun videos.  What if we worked together?  One individual can make a difference, but together, we can all impact change and motivate our peers.  Sometimes it just takes a few people to start something amazing… Ben and jerry’s??  where would we be in the world of ice cream without those guys?  I can’t imagine my world without a tub of Cookie Dough ice cream or Chunky Monkey… amazing…  What are you going to do to change and impact the world?